Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer Again

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John Mayer is a notorious horndog and pretentious douchebag and Jennifer Aniston is a desperate hag, so it was only a matter of time before their flame of love was rekindled! National Enquirer reports:

“They just flew into Los Angeles together, landing at 4:05 Pacific Time on Monday, October, 13, The Enquirer has confirmed. The pair split in August after a 3 ½-month romance, but they met up in Manhattan recently and looked like lovers when they came back to California together. “They were very lovey-dovey,” said an insider. “They kissed several times and hugged each other tightly. John gave her a long, lingering kiss.” Hmmmm…friends with benefits? Or back together? Once in L.A. they went their separate ways but judging by the kissing, insiders say there’s more to this than just a friendly plane ride together.”

Jennifer Aniston is probably already picking out China patterns by now, so this story will end up being a whole lot funnier as soon as John Mayer is eventually seen doing the same thing with a blonde Asian chick with ridiculous implants. Not because blonde Asian chicks with ridiculous implants are funny (they are), it’s because, c’mon dude – it’s John Mayer. He’d hump a vagina made out of Play-Doh if he was alone for ten minutes.

Jennifer and her publicist, Stephen Huvane, on October 8th: