Angelina Jolie is a Great Mom

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No matter how old they get, adopted children need extra time and care to feel loved. Oh, and time to go shopping for knives. Now reports:

Angelina Jolie is teaching her 7-year-old son Maddox about knives. The actress – who adopted the Cambodian-born youngster in 2002 – wants him to understand the consequences of carrying a weapon. “We take him to a special shop,” she tell W magazine. “We also talk about samurais and the idea about defending someone as good. We talk about everything.”

I prefer open assist knives with katana or serrated blades, because I prefer style and function, but mostly because knives are cool. It’s good thing Maddox is learning this early. Because at 7 years old, you really shouldn’t be wasting time wearing a Batman mask and jumping out of trees, you should be learning that the abdominal aorta indeed goes the full length of the torso.