Beyonce Finally Admits She’s Married

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In an in an interview in the November issue of Essence magazine, Beyonce unwillingly talks about her marriage to Jay-Z. Unlike her perceived sense of class or her velcro hair, she says it’s “real.” People reports:

“Six months after marrying Jay-Z, Beyonce is at last revealing details about their top-secret wedding. “What Jay and I have is real. It’s not about interviews or getting the right photo op. It’s real,” the singer, 27, tells Essence magazine in its November issue. Notoriously tight-lipped about her relationship with the hip-hop mogul, Beyonce does share a little about her wedding day, but only after groaning, “You’re gonna get me in trouble.” Beyonce tells the magazine she didn’t want an engagement ring because, “People put too much emphasis on that,” she says. “It’s just material and it’s just silly to me.”

Yeah, I guess it’s “real” in a legal sense, but this interview didn’t do anything to dispel the long-standing rumors that Jay-Z is a controlling, violent thug who occasionally beats the hell out of Beyonce. Drug dealers who used to hire children to sell crack for them aren’t generally known for being gentle romantics or loving communicators. They are known, however, for making you fear for your life when being questioned. Like Beyonce is here. I just wish Beyonce and Jay-Z would get their own reality show so I could turn every time she flinches into a drinking game.

Beyonce and Jay-Z having lunch at some restaurant on October 5th:

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