Britney Spears Must Pay

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In court documents released yesterday from a September 25th hearing, L.A. Superior Court Commissioner Reva Goetz ordered Britney Spears to pay $200,000 to her conservatorship legal team to cover Britney’s ever increasing legal fees (more $350,000 in 2008 alone). In order to raise the necessary money, the commissioner gave Spears’ father, Jamie Spears, the right to sell Britney’s $7.9 million Beverly Hills estate. Damn. E! Online reports:

…the “Gimme More” singer has been ordered to advance $200,000 to her conservatorship legal team to cover a portion of fees. L.A. Superior Court Commissioner Reva Goetz made the ruling during a Sept. 25 hearing. (Another hearing regarding the balance of Spears’ legal tab is set for Oct. 28.) In addition, Goetz also granted Spears’ father and coconservator Jamie the authority to sell her Beverly Hills-area home with the assistance of real estate agent Tomer Fridman of Ewing & Associates in Calabasas. According to the court terms, the purchase price must be equal to or exceed the value or property as appraised by the court. And if Fridman sells the house, his commission cannot exceed 5 percent of the selling price.”

Britney Spears’s legal team is currently juggling several lawsuits filed against her since she fired and/or lost all of her managers and PR people, and, of course, the divorce and child custody case nearly drained her because she’s retarded. She also just had to pay Adnan Ghalib hush money to pretend their sex tape doesn’t exist. So, long story short, Britney’s an idiot who doesn’t deserve any of the fame, fortune, or fans she’s ever had. If a wing at MIT didn’t exist to make her singing voice not sound like a cat trapped in a burning tree, she’d be at the pawn shop trying to get money to buy cigarettes with Jayden James’ formula.

Britney the Special Olympics boxing champ at LAX yesterday:

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