Angelina Jolie is in Therapy

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Brad Pitt has reportedly forced Angelina Jolie to seek professional help for depression and body-image issues she’s had since the birth of her twins in June. So basically, we have another hot chick who thinks she fat. Star Magazine reports:

…Brad is so determined to get her back to her old self that he put her in therapy to get her to eat, get out of the house and put an end to her intense mood swings. “Angelina didn’t want to accept the fact that she was struggling after the twins were born and was really resistant to Brad’s pleas for her to get help,” an insider tells Star. “But she finally agreed.” While still in France at Chateau Miraval, Angie started seeing the doctor – who Brad found in Paris – for daily power sessions, says another source. Now that they’ve moved to Berlin, where they’re staying in a 30,000-square-foot mansion called Palais Parkschloss, she’s continued their sessions via phone and webcam. So what kinds of things is Angie working out? For one, the mother of six has been unhappy with her body since the July 12 birth of Knox and Vivienne, sources say, and has hardly been eating. “She still thinks she’s fat,” says a source. “She barely touches the food that is brought to her. After a few bites she’ll say, ‘Take it away; I’m not hungry.’ Brad is trying to get her to eat more, but she has no appetite. She clearly has a problem with her self-image. She’s lost some of the baby weight but thinks she still has fat on her stomach. Brad tells her she doesn’t and thinks it’s all in her head, but she still thinks she sees it.”

To reiterate, Angelina Jolie’s doctor talks to her over a webcam. He probably prefers the phone. I bet the webcam makes masturbating difficult.