Holly Madison is in Transition

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Us Magazine reports that Hugh Hefner and Holly Madison are still together despite the fact that she has been seen everywhere with illusionist Criss Angel (the last time being four days ago). Some people are upset that people may question the love a vapid gold digger has for a rich man close to death. Hugh Hefner is not one of those people.

She is still my girlfriend,” he tells Usmagazine.com in a new interview. “Now will that last? I don’t think anything lasts forever. “I love her very much, but you know, she wants very much to get married and have children. That isn’t very much in the cards for me,” he adds. “So there has to be a certain reality there. And I’m sure the time will come when she’ll be dating others. That’s part of the transition.”

Hugh Hefner then pointed to the line of blondes with fake tits and suitcases standing outside his house in front of a sign that says, “Please wait here to be transitioned.”