Britney Spears is Working Too Hard

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Britney Spears’ new album, Circus, is set to drop on December 2, a mere 14 months after her last album released. Some feel like her record label, Jive, are pushing poor Britney too hard to release new material instead of allowing her to focus on her health. MSNBC reports:

While some might consider the new work a marker of Spears’ improving health, some close to her fear that now that the worst seems to be over, she’s going to be treated as little more than a cash cow. “Britney has been going to the studio ever since she got out of the hospital, but it was more a therapeutic exercise than anything.” says a source close to the Spears family. “The people who really care about her knew that even though she wants to be the pop star she used to be, it won’t be good for her. Even her label, Jive, understood that. It’s a little unsettling to us that they’d want her to get back to recording so fast.”

A source at my new heroes, Jive, said:

She’s not Paul Simon. As long as it’s produced well and has a good beat, she’ll have a hit,” says the source. “Really, the quicker we do it, the better it will be. You shouldn’t overthink some things.”

I agree. Britney should take time out for herself. It’s been a while. For the past four years she’s been sacrificing for her kids and her sanity. I swear, it’s all about me, me, me with infants and responsible behavior. Britney doesn’t have time for that anymore. No sir, not anymore. It’s a brand new day. A day where Britney Spears will not care about anyone or anything except Britney. I think we can all agree, friends, that this day hasn’t come soon enough.

Britney out shopping yesterday: