Katie Holmes Gets Protested

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The opening of Katie Holmes not-long-awaited Broadway run of All My Sons was picketed last night by members of the anti-Scientology group, Anonymous. Hahaha. OK! reports:

Wearing masks and holding signs with salacious slogans like “Free Katie!”, “Scientology is a cult!”, “Run Katie Run!” and “Free Katie! Keep Tom,” many protestors shouted their distaste with the religion of choice for the former Dawson’s Creek star and her hubby, Tom Cruise. “We’re not protesting the play, we’re not protesting her,” explained one protestor who goes by the name of Little Sister. “We’re just showing her support pretty much. We’re showing her that she can have the strength to leave… We’ve seen Katie in recent televison and she looks miserable. She’s lost a lot of weight. We’ve seen her with purple hands.” According to the anti-Scientology crowd, they are are worried about Katie and her two-year-old daughter Suri. They also alleged to OK! that the Church of Scientologists had been attempting to stop the protest.”

I blame Tom Cruise. Remember when Katie Holmes was cute and perky and was in, you know, movies? Three years later, a protest is more interesting than her play. People bitten by zombies don’t change this fast.

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