Anne Hathaway is a Diva

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Don’t look now, but Anne Hathaway might be a raging bitch. OK! says:

…rumors of high-maintenance requests have swirled around the actress, making many wonder whether Anne is taking a cue from a different character from the popular movie about a demanding boss and those who serve her. After delaying a day of interviews with just her breakfast order, Anne is beginning to resemble editrix Miranda Priestly instead of down-to-earth Andy. “Anne requested lattes but only ones with soy milk, so she made a guy go out and bring back five soy lattes for her and her crew,” a source tells OK! of the Rachel Getting Married event at the Hollywood life House in Toronto on Sept. 6. “Then she requested scrambled eggs since she didn’t like the breakfast available. The same guy had to go to a restaurant next door and ask for the eggs. It took 45 minutes, and then she barely even touched them!”

Anne Hathaway’s last boyfriend was a millionaire who became a millionaire by lying to people about working for the Vatican and vaccinating kids in Africa, so she’s used to a certain lifestyle. She just won’t settle for any lattes. It’s pretty clear that as long as she can be pampered with shopping sprees in Paris on your private jet or vacations on your yacht in Spain, Anne Hathaway really doesn’t care how it happens. Just as long as it happens. You could be the billionaire CEO of Jihadmustdestroyalljewsandgivechildrenaidspraiseallah, Inc. and she would, at worst, give you head on the first date.