Rose McGowan Has a Big Mouth

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Rose McGowan is currently starring in Fifty Dead Men Walking, the film adaptation of IRA informer Martin McGartland’s autobiography. Of course, now that she’s spent three grueling weeks on set playing dress up and reading words other people wrote, she’s now rambling about topics in which she is hilariously misinformed. BBC News reports:

A Hollywood actress has caused a storm after saying she would have joined the IRA if she had lived in Belfast during the Troubles….She told a news conference that her “heart just broke for the cause” ahead of the film’s premiere in Canada. Unionist politicians have criticised her comments and Mr McGartland said the actress’s comments were naive. Ulster Unionist Mid-Ulster assembly member Billy Armstrong said the comments were “foolish and offensive”. “As an IRA member would Miss McGowan have been happy to participate in the abduction, torture and murder of Jean McConville, a widow and mother of 10,” he said. Ms McGowan said: “Violence is not to be played out daily and provide an answer to problems, but I understand it.” Martin McGartland, who still lives in hiding, said the situation in the late 1980s was very different with daily killings in Belfast. “Rose McGowan’s comments were insulting to victims of IRA terrorism and she should apologise,” he said.”

Wow, actors are stupid. Rose, read your lines and show us your tits. That’s all we need from you. I’m almost positive that’s what the IRA would want from you. Unless of course they discovered a way to make a nail bomb with botox and collagen.