Shut Up Kirsten Dunst

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Hey, don’t look know! Kirsten Dunst is bitching about something! Stop the press! Contact Music says:

Kirsten Dunst has hit out at the media – accusing the press of constantly portraying famous women in a negative light. Dunst is convinced that women in Hollywood are often treated more harshly by the media – in comparison to their male counterparts….he tells U.S. magazine Harper’s Bazaar, “I don’t buy the rag mags, but I was looking at the cover of one, and an actress’s husband apparently had cheated on her. Who knows if it’s true? But they don’t put the guy on the cover, going, Look at what this guy did. They put the girl on the cover, going, Look at what he did to her. “That is the stuff that I have no tolerance for. Guys will go do this, that, and the other and they’re cool, and girls will go out with their friends and do this and it’s ‘horrendous’. If a guy’s flirting with me, I’m the slut. It can kill a girl’s spirit.”

Seriously, why is this chick even famous? She’s one of the biggest bitches in Hollywood and she looks like something that was dug up and reanimated for the zombie apocalypse. If Harper’s Bazaar had any balls they would’ve air dropped Kirsten Dunst over Hurricane Ike.

Kirsten and that computer commercial “star” at a paparazzi photo-op lunch: