Jessica Simpson is a Born Entertainer

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Jessica Simpson, still thinking she’s a country singer, performed at the legendary Grand Ole Opry on Saturday night. Jesus, there had to be some NRA members in the audience. Wake up America! People reports:

Wearing a short and sparkly black frock with a plunging neckline that had camera operators on high alert for a wardrobe malfunction, Jessica Simpson made her Grand Ole Opry debut Saturday night. Performing “Come On Over,” the first single from her new country album, Do You Know, before a nearly-sold out house that included her parents, her grandparents, aunts and uncles “…from all over Texas,” she told Nan Kelley, host of Opry Live, felt “like a homecoming to me.” “I can’t believe I am here!” Simpson, 28, said. Audience members, it seemed, couldn’t believe her costume choice. “I think she should have put some clothes on,” one viewer said. While another one responded to how she liked Simpson’s performance with: “I loved that new girl, Crystal [Shawanda] – and she was dressed appropriately.”

Whatever. As usual, this idiot is trying too hard. She doesn’t even sound like she’s singing country music. By this time next year, I fully expect her to be in blackface at the Apollo or auditioning for En Vogue.

Note: I think the announcer guy was just trying to be nice.