Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo are Lame

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You probably thought it wasn’t possible for Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo to be more grating and annoying. You were wrong. Very wrong. Star Magazine reports:

Tony Romo has been driving his Dallas Cowboys teammates crazy by constantly playing Jessica Simpson’s new country CD and singing his girlfriend’s praises. The quarterback is even handing out autographed copies of Do You Know to anyone who’ll take one. But he might not be so gung-ho if he knew Jessica’s secret nickname for him! According to a friend, she calls Tony her FBD – future baby’s daddy – whenever she talks to her pals. “She knows he’s not ready to get that serious, so she’s playing it cool,” says the friend. “Tony doesn’t know, of course.”

It’s been 4,267 days since the Dallas Cowboys last won a playoff game, so I bet Romo’s teammates are glad to see he’s focused. Because nothing brings a room full of black guys together like listening to a rich white girl singing pretend country music. Maybe next time he can make a joke about how all black people like fried chicken or dress up like Tyler Perry for Halloween.