Britney Spears Isn’t Topless

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Britney Spears took time off from her busy life to celebrate Labor Day weekend at Bare Pool Lounge at the Mirage in Las Vegas on Sunday. In case you didn’t know, it’s a topless pool. Good thing nobody told Britney that. Feel feel to safely assume that I’d rather stare at the surface of the sun that see Britney Spears’ tits.

Note : If you have a strong gag reflex, you can see them in all their nastiness HERE.

In other Britney news, In what historians will later call “the worst idea of all time,” Britney Spears is in talks to perform live in front of England’s Royal Family. Britney Spears. Singing live. On stage. FOX News reports:

Insiders tell me that the pop tart is in talks with EBF, the home of the famous variety show held each year in front of the royal family in December. The idea came from Prince Harry and Chelsey – they are both big fans. Word is the singer who has battled demons and divorce is “over the moon with the offer and making arrangements as I write.”An insider tells me “she feels that this is a great seal of approval and knows that it’s an honor to be asked. Plus, what a great comeback and who better than in front of the royal family?”

Even when her voice tracks are fed through IBM’s Deep Blue and autotuned by a team of scientists, Britney’s voice still sounds like puppy being swung by it’s tail. Instead of hiring Britney Spears, they should just put up a microphone up to a test of the Emergency Broadcast System. It would be basically the same thing.

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