Solange Knowles is a Dumb Diva

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You probably don’t know who Solange is, but if I say “Beyonce” will that ring a bell? It’s not the appointment list at an Atlanta hair and nail salon. Solange is the less famous sibling of Beyonce – of Destiny’s Child – the one who’s married to Jay-Z. Solange is Beyonce’s lesser known sister – the one who got pregnant when she was a teenager and then had a shotgun wedding or something like that … yeah, you were probably thinking, “Who gives a shit?!?!?” and so was I.

She’s trying to sell something and shitting on the people who gave her the time of day:

Good job, Solange! You got corrected by Jason Feinberg. I’m from Vegas and I watch this show while I’m half awake every morning. The guy you’re hearing off-camera usually talks about his cats more than he talks about anything else on that show. Solange should just put a picture of her face in the center of bicycle spokes, then call her brand, “Asshole” because that’s the only way she’ll sell anything without namedropping.

Credit to FOX 5 Vegas and MORE!; Photo credit: Splash

Bonus – Solange and her dumb shoes on TRL yesterday: