Tila Tequila and Courtenay Semel are Totally Gay

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Fame whores who make staged picture deals with paparazzi agencies are pathetic. However, when said whores are people who look like this … that is beyond pathetic. Here we have two fake lesbians pretending to be fucking each other everywhere so we’ll talk about them. And, oh yeah, I’ll talk about them. “Tila Tequila,” you look like a 12 year old ladyboy who turns every heterosexual hard dick limp on accidental porn searches. Couuuretehnhay Shemale, you like you snort with every breath because your mouth is so fucked up from veneers, braces, and whatever the hell else your daddy did with his billions to try and fail at making you less ugly. Regardless, here are some super hot lesbian pics! Enjoy!