Who Wants To Date Jennifer Aniston?

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In the shocking, totally unexpected news that hit this week, John Mayer has been outed as a pretentious douchebag who claims to be stalked by the paparazzi yet calls them whenever he goes out. However, were you aware how Jennifer Aniston gets dates? Her striking beauty? Her charming wit? Um, not really. Rush and Molloy reports:

Meanwhile, whether she knew it or not, Aniston’s agents at CAA were calling around L.A. asking available men if they’d be interested in taking the beauty out. One was our flabbergasted friend – a tall, dark and handsome writer – who said, “Of course!” Word is Jen has asked them to cool the matchmaking, for now.”

Man, what a sexy life guys in Hollywood must have. One minute they’re trying to resuscitate twin teenage models, the next they’re getting cold called to see if they would be interested in the exciting opportunity to date a 39 year old washed up actress who might possibly want them to drop everything in their life because she can’t be alone for five minutes. Woo hoo! Sign me up!