Lindsay Lohan Might Not Be Gay Anymore

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The pull of dick is too powerful for Lindsay Lohan to resist, because sources say her relationship with DJ Samantha Ronson, may be at its end. OK! reports:

Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson may be inseparable, but following weeks of arguments, friends tell OK! they fear that Linds will leave her DJ girlfriend – for a man. Apparently LiLo has already been flirting with guys, and cracks are seem to be appearing in the relationship. On August 5 at the Delano Hotel’s Florida Room, Lindsay, 22, cozied up to other men whenever Sam left her side. “Lindsay was laughing and giggling with these guys,” an eyewitness tells OK!. And earlier that day, guests at the Miami hotel witnessed the couple’s repeated clashes. “Lindsay is the aggressive one in the relationship,” an insider tells OK!. “Sam tries to focus on Lindsay, but it’s never enough.” Another friend adds, “Lindsay has to be the center of attention, or she’ll flirt with other guys to make Sam jealous.”

I’m sorry if this comes as a shock to you, but, you know, it’s Lindsay Lohan. Penises are kinda her thing. She’s been covered in so much semen that we she dies, you could probably smoke her ashes and get pregnant.

Lindsay, Samantha, and some guy leaving the Apple Bar at 2 a.m. this morning:

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