Britney Spears is Predictable

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In a new interview with OK! magazine Britney Spears tries to make us feel sorry for her because she was handed everything and pissed it all away on drugs, food, and dick. And although all of that is some pretty funny stuff, nothing really comes to close to these pictures they used for the photoshoot. Seriously, Britney? Tan lines? Cheetos? Sunkist? Jesus. Why not just put a hay straw Sean Preston’s mouth and have him play a washboard. Or have Jayden James put a frog in his overalls. I swear, the only way these pictures could be any more white trash is if a parking spot in front of her house was reserved for “Dale Jr. Fans Only.”

Britney out paparazzi attention whoring on Robertson Blvd. a few days ago:

Photo credit: OK! Magazine