Hayden Panettiere is Giving

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During a trip to Japan last year, Hayden Panettiere and other protesters swam out into a cove to stop local fishermen from participating in the Taiji dolphin slaughter and later had a warrant issued for her arrest. I guess she cares about dolphins. Meaning, if you’re a homeless human, and you happen to see Hayden Panettiere, before you ask for money I’d recommend trying to look as much like a dolphin as possible. Star Magazine reports:

Hayden Panettiere proved to be not so heroic to a San Diego homeless man panhandling at the Comic-Con event she was attending. While the Heroes cutie was outside taking a break, a homeless man approached her and asked for some change. When Hayden reached into her purse and realized the smallest bill she had was a twenty, she asked him if he could break it! “When he said no, she apologized and assured him that she would find him later,” the source says.”

Hayden Panettiere went on to explain to reporters, “Daddy only gave me four dollars because my summer day camp went to McDonald’s after we left Build-A-Bear and I always get a cheeseburger and a Sierra Mist because Daddy says Coke makes me crazy and one time on SpongeBob Patrick didn’t take SpongeBob to the doctor when he had the suds and then….oooh look, a butterfly!”

Hayden at Comic-Con: