Jim Carrey is Secure

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Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy were in Malibu this weekend for a 4th of July party, but today Carrey is taking the Internet by storm because he decided to put on Jenny’s swimsuit and walk around on the beach. Jim Carrey gets to roll off Jenny McCarthy every night, so if he wants to wear her swimsuit, then by all means, he should go for it. Because I’m not really sure if this was a joke so much as it was his way of saying “Jenny McCarthy was wearing this swimsuit earlier, but I was there when she took it off because I banged her and when she got off her knees I told her I was going to put her swimsuit on and go outside and she was cool with it, and look she is even holding my hand in public while I am wearing it even though there are a billion cameras around.” Later, Jim Carrey ate baby dolphin pate, leased a spaceship for a tour of Saturn, and did other stuff to fully drive the point home that his life is better than yours.

Photos: Splash