Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green Broke Up

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I wondered why the sun winked and gave me a thumbs up this morning, Megan Fox has finally dumped Brian Austin Green. Contact Music says:

Sources claim the pretty brunette, 22, sent business associates correspondence last week alerting them to the sad news. An insider says, “Megan still cares about Brian, but she now realises she’s too young to marry him.”

I don’t know who this source is, but I really hope he read this atop a golden bridge over a waterfall from a great scroll delivered to him by doves. And the doves had velvet ribbons tied their feet and the handles of the scrolls were encrusted with rubies and diamonds. And when he read from the scroll a beam of light from heaven shown down an angel playing a majestic harp so that he may share in the joyous news with all the nations. And when he finished playing, all the people of of earth enjoyed a great feast and celebration, because all had been made right with the world.

Megan and Brian last month: