Angelina Jolie is Probably Giving Birth

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Rumors have been everywhere today that Angelina Jolie had finally given birth to her twins, but a spokesperson for Lenval Hospital in Nice, France, says Jolie was admitted today but has yet to deliver. FOX News reports:

Nadine Bauer, press attache for the Lenval Hospital in Nice, said Jolie is fine and that everything is going well. She said Jolie’s admittance to the maternity wing had been planned for some time. Bauer said the 33-year-old actress will almost certainly remain in the hospital until she gives birth. She said Jolie was admitted so she could be kept under normal surveillance — and is not expected to give birth immediately. Bauer said Jolie was admitted recently but wouldn’t say exactly when. “There’s no urgency. It’s been planned for a long time,” she said. “She’s very well. Everything is fine.”

Whew, I’m glad to hear that everything is fine. For a minute there I was concerned that a world-famous multi-millionaire with international government connections might not be getting proper medical care. This Nadine Bauer chick needs a raise, because at least now we know that Angelina won’t be squatting next to a tree and biting down on a stick. Thanks, Nadine!

Angelina in the box office colon stomping, Wanted: