Anne Hathaway Tipped Off the Feds

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Anne Hathaway was in a relationship with real estate developer and con man, Raffaello Follieri, for four years and during that time she served on the board of his company, The Follieri Group. The company that fraudulently took millions from investors in a real estate scheme involving Vatican properties in the United States. These millions paid for Follieri and Hathaway’s opulent lifestyle which included private jets, vacations on yachts, and extravagant shopping sprees. Follieri was arrested last week and his bail was set at $21 million. Anne Hathaway was conveniently out of the country at the time. Gee, I wonder how that happened? New York Daily News reports:

A pal of jailed wheeler-dealer Raffaello Follieri suspects the starlet spoke with the FBI shortly before they arrested her ex for an alleged $6 million con job. “It makes sense,” the friend said. “She’s referred to as his former girlfriend in the indictment even though her spokesman never confirmed they broke up.” Hathaway, who is not identified by name in the criminal complaint, split with Follieri shortly before his arrest last week. He is charged with posing as an agent of the Vatican to fleece investors out of millions. “I think that in return for her cooperation, the feds held off on arresting Follieri until she was out of the country,” the friend said.”

Anne Hathaway was unable to rent an actual bus to literally drive over Follieri with, so talking to the Feds seems like it was a pretty reasonable option. Sources say Hathway’s other ideas included planting a severed head in his refrigerator and putting a picture of a naked Korean boy as his email signature.

Anne at the Get Smart photocall in Mexico on June 25th:

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