The Hogans are Perverts

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A few months ago Hulk Hogan put suntan lotion in his hands and rubbed it out his 20 year old daughter’s ass. He was even thoughtful enough to rub it in her ass crack. You remember that being creepy as hell, right? Yeah, apparently Brooke Hogan doesn’t think so. US Magazine reports:

I know I’m a grown woman, but it’s like he’s touching an old car,” the singer tells Us Weekly in its latest issue, on newsstands now. “He used to change my diaper!” she adds.”

The last time I checked Brooke Hogan wasn’t caught in a chemical spill that left her with T-Rex arms, so I’m gonna take a wild stab and say that she can put suntan lotion on her own ass. But she wants her dad to do it. Her dad. On her ass. If my mom wanted to put suntan lotion on my ass, they’d have to cut off her hands and let a chick in a Hooters calendar wear them as gloves. Even then they’d have to put glitter on them or paint rainbows on them or something, because I’d still know, man. I’d still know.