John Mayer is an Idiot

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John Mayer was dating Minka Kelly when he met Jennifer Aniston. He then left Minka Kelly for Jennifer Aniston. Page Six says he was a gentleman about it, but they don’t explain the technology that was used to control his mind:

John Mayer might have broken Minka Kelly’s heart when he left her for Jennifer Aniston – but he had the decency to call her before the news about them hit the press. A Kelly pal said, “Minka [above] received a call from John prior to the story breaking about his relationship with Jennifer. He apologized to Minka, ‘Sorry, but I’m really in love.’ ” She found that interesting as, “during his relationship with her, John mentioned, ‘I don’t really get this Jennifer Aniston thing.'”

I sat here, I tried, but it’s impossible to come up with a scenario where a normal guy would dump Minka Kelly for Jennifer Aniston. Minka Kelly is insanely hot. Jennifer Aniston is not. If Minka Kelly ever asked me to have sex with her, I’d probably watch an episode of Friends while I was doing it to keep from having to apologize.

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