Anne Hathaway Was Attacked

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While in Russia filming Get Smart, Anne Hathaway was assaulted by a local female who accused the actress of trying to steal her boyfriend. Contact Music reports:

Hathaway says, “I was waiting to do this one shot and this (Russian) girl comes up to me… she’s got a bottle in one hand and she pushes me and says something, no clue what. “She thought I either stole her boyfriend or she just did not like the look of me. So all of a sudden these two security guards from our movie come out of nowhere, pick her up by the arms, and she was gone. And I was advised not to ask any questions.”

I’m glad she’s okay, because being attacked can be scary. Disney park officials would have me believe Mickey Mouse just wanted to give me a hug. If so, then why was he dressed up like a pirate? The lady that found me hiding inside a gift shop, later admitted Mickey’s eye patch was a little scary.