Mike Myers is a Diva

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Mike Myers visited Conan O’Brien on Wednesday to promote the horrifically reviewed, The Love Guru, and to apparently be an insufferable pain in the ass. Page Six says:

…he drove backstage staffers bonkers while he waited to go on. “He sent a team of interns on a wild goose chase for Silk nondairy creamer, Twizzlers and raspberry seltzer,” said our witness. “Then he sent one of the interns back out to get him a new drink when he realized his seltzer was not the brand he requested.”

No matter how much you want to like a certain actor, there’s a 99% chance that they are complete basket cases incapable of realizing that the world doesn’t revolve around them. Daniel Day-Lewis and Sam Rockwell are both great, but I can’t seem to shake the feeling that they both might throw a hissy fit when they don’t get their croutons on the side or they dress up like Peter Pan and pay Russian girls to pee on them.

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