Jessica Simpson Isn’t Pleased

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In an obvious swipe at Carrie Underwood, Jessica Simpson wore her bitterness and jealousy on her shirt a few nights ago because her life is complete and utter fail. So, I’m sure this made her feel good. OK Magazine reports:

Following lunch with pals at Dos Caminos in NYC’s SoHo on June 11, Jess, 27, returned to her hotel, where a girl asked for her autograph. “She said she was her number-one fan from back in the Idol days,” an eyewitness tells OK!. “Jessica smiled politely and didn’t correct her, and she started to laugh when the girl asked how she was doing since her devastating split from Chace [Crawford].” Jess didn’t end up giving her John Hancock, and though she took it all in stride, a pal tells OK!, “She wasn’t pleased that the girl had no clue who she was!”

Please understand that the only competition between Jessica Simpson and Carrie Underwood is in Jessica Simpson’s mind. Carrie Underwood has the #1 song on the country chart. Last week, Jessica Simpson ordered a #1 with fries. Carrie Underwood has five Grammys. Jessica Simpson has had five cosmetic surgeries. An artist’s rendition of how much Jessica Simpson is owned shows Jessica’s body wrapped in a tarp and Carrie Underwood standing over it like the Captain Morgan pirate.

Jessica Simpson looking like shit in Hollywood this weekend:

Carrie Underwood not looking like shit at the CMA Music Festival: