Megan Fox is Sly

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Brian Austin Green must be behind on his enchantress payments, because it looks like the spell he’s cast over Megan Fox is wearing off. Visibly absent from the 2008 MTV Movie Awards: Her engagement ring and Brian Austin Green. Visibly absent from the set of Jennifer’s Body: Her panties in Adam Brody’s trailer. Star Magazine reports:

An insider on the set of her movie Jennifer’s Body says that the 22-year-old didn’t act like she was taken. “I’ve never seen her wearing an engagement ring. I actually thought she and Adam Brody, who’s also in the movie, were dating. They were very flirty with each other and were always hanging out together when they weren’t working.” But her good pal, actress Jennifer Blanc, tells Star that despite her leaving the rock at home, Megan is indeed still engaged. “She does wear it sometimes,” insists Jennifer. “I’ve never asked her why she doesn’t always put it on.”

Not sure if this is true, but one rumor is that Megan Fox secretly had an abortion a few years ago when she was pregnant with Green’s child and he is now blackmailing her by threatening to go public with the abortion if she ever leaves him. I don’t know, it sounds kinda true. Brian Austin Green looks like that kind of douchebag. And Megan Fox looks like the kind of chick who would have an abortion. How would I know? Oh, a gentleman never kisses and tells, baby.

More pictures of Megan Fox at the 2008 MTV Movie Awards without David Silver and her engagement ring: