Jennifer Aniston is a Bitch

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According to the latest issue of Life & Style Weekly, Jennifer Aniston demanded that Jennifer Connelly not be included in an upcoming cover shoot for Marie Claire that will feature the female cast of her latest bomb, He’s Just Not that Into You. Aniston’s stipulations only allowed for Drew Barrymore and Ginnifer Goodwin to be shown with her on the cover (Scarlett Johansson was also excluded). Bitteroldhagdoeswhat:

Word is, Aniston threatened to pull out if Jennifer was part of the cover,” says an insider familiar with the movie’s shoot. “It was all about getting Jennifer Aniston front and center and looking as sexy as possible.” So what’s Jen’s beef with [Connelly]? While Aniston’s rep denies that there’s any discord between the actresses, they just didn’t hit it off, says the insider: “There was no camaraderie between those two whatsoever. They didn’t seem like friends in the slightest.”

Considering the fact that Jennifer Connelly is a billion times hotter than Jennifer Aniston, I’d say this was a pretty good idea. Drew Barrymore wasn’t even hot when she was supposed to be hot and Ginnifer Goodwin looks like Sherilyn Fenn’s mentally challenged sister, so Aniston is sure to look her best. It might not be as good as Aniston’s original idea of replacing the entire female cast with donkeys and Legos, but hey, life is about compromise!

Aniston in Malibu last week:

Bonus: Jennifer Connelly in The Hot Spot (NSFW):