Ashley Tisdale Doesn’t Have AIDS

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On June 5th, online reports were everywhere that High School Musical star and Disneybot, Ashley Tisdale, was dying from AIDS after she caught the disease from contaminated equipment used during her much publicized nose job. Her parents now say it was all a vicious lie. Star Magazine reports:

My daughter is healthy and just fine – but my husband and I just don’t know why anyone would spread such a rumor,” Ashley’s mom, Lisa Tisdale, 52, told Star at the family home in Toluca Lake, Calif. “And what really upsets me is that anyone can write anything, and it ends up on the Internet. It’s so irresponsible; so many people will just assume it’s a fact.”

It’s true, people will assume anything is true if it’s on the Internet. Like that story that said I wear Smurf footie pajamas to bed. Oh, please. Since when do the Shirt Tales look like Smurfs?