Kate Beckinsale is Too Good

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Kate Beckinsale says she refuses to learn to cook because she is too good in bed. She says women can be divided into two groups – incredible cooks and fantastic lovers. The Sun UK reports:

And Kate has proudly announced she falls firmly into the latter group, which must surely keep her largely takeaway-fed husband Len Wiseman a happy man in the bedroom. “I’m the worst wife in the cooking department. I always thought you can’t be good at food and sex, but you can always order the food in. I’d rather he didn’t order in the sex.”

I might be wrong, but I don’t remember covering this theory in my Women’s Studies class. Sorry Kate, but a woman’s worth shouldn’t be based on some archaic and misogynistic notion that her only purpose on Earth is to please a man. According to my research, it should be solely based on how she looks in a bikini. I don’t want to name names, but it looks like somebody has a lot to learn.