Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo Probably Broke Up

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Tony Romo had a wild time in Chicago this weekend, reportedly to celebrate his break up with Jessica Simpson. AHN says:

Tony Romo, 28, was in Chicago partying with his college buddies when he supposedly told them that things were over between him and the former reality star. “They’re broken up,” according to a pal of the Dallas Cowboys quarterback. “He told us they broke up and that was that. We’re guys so we didn’t talk about it much.” According to eyewitnesses he was surrounded by girls, “We had to restrain some who forcibly tried to make their way to his table. He zeroed in on one blonde all night. That blonde wasn’t Jessica Simpson.” There are also reports that the women at the club weren’t enough for the group of men and they sent the nightclub’s bus to pick up more girls from the Hard Rock Hotel where Romo and his friends were staying.”

I don’t know when blonde hair and DDs translated into begging for dick, but Jessica Simpson seems to have it pretty much down. The only way she can keep a man is if she cryogenically freezes one or buys a store that has a wooden Indian out front.

Clingy and Tony last month: