Suri Cruise is Too Old

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Katie Holmes might have been drugged and inseminated with L. Ron Hubbard’s sperm in an underground volcano lair, but oddly, people think Katie Holmes might not be the best mother. Apparently Suri Cruise is two and still drinks out of a bottle. Apparently that’s bad. The Daily Mail reports:

Parenting experts and paediatricians recommend parents start to wean their child off the bottle at the age of one. The cute toddler is frequently photographed drinking from a bottle – despite turning two last month. Dr Charlotte Cowan, author of the Dr Hippo parenting books, told Us Weekly magazine: “Most paediatricians recommend a bottle should be given up by age one – almost certainly by 18 months.”

In a survey of several prominent doctors, the vast majority awww look at those pictures. I don’t think it’s possible for them to get any cuter. Maybe if a baby bear cub riding a tricycle with a baby bunny in the basket came up and gave Suri a flower. Then Suri would pet the little bunny and then they’d all go to the park and get on a seesaw. Other than that, I think we’re pretty much tapped out here.

Mommy and… daddy?:

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