Everybody Hates Katherine Heigl

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It’s no secret around here that Katherine Heigl is an entitled, mouthy cunt, so it was only a matter of time before Hollywood finally caught on. The first crack in America’s sweetheart’s facade happened 15 months ago, when she took a salary dispute with Grey’s Anatomy public, in which she demanded to paid the same as the series’ star and exposed herself as a greedy bitch. Now, because she thinks she is a movie star, she is trying to get out of her current contract. However, with failing ratings and several public missteps, Heigl’s star may not burning as bright as she might think. New York Daily News reports:

Katherine Heigl was once poised to be TV’s biggest crossover star. But have audiences had their fill of the bubbly blond’s whiny onscreen persona – and real-life media manipulation? With ratings for “Grey’s Anatomy” averaging 14.2 million (last season was 18.7 million), the beefed-up role of Izzy, Heigl’s character, is doing little to lift the show….When Heigl hit the red carpet at the Oscars, she was a scarlet-clad, Monroe-channeling knockout who looked utterly at home among A-listers like Kidman, Nicholson and Zellweger. Until she got to the podium. “She pulled a Julia Roberts and made it about her,” says Entertainment Weekly’s Lynette Rice, referring to Roberts’ whoop after Denzel Washington won Best Actor, which eclipsed the man himself. “We don’t care if you’re nervous, just be professional and read the fricking TelePrompTer.”

The article goes on to list some of the crap Heigl has done recently; specifically, her rant claiming that her relationship between with T.R. Knight’s character on Grey’s Anatomy was a rating ploy, her interview in Vanity Fair where she claimed she didn’t like Knocked Up because it was sexist, and the time she humiliated an Emmy announcer for mispronouncing her name. As you read all this, please keep in mind that Heigl has been an actor since 1992, but was working in virtual obscurity until she landed on Grey’s Anatomy in 2005. Also remember that she got the part in Knocked Up only after Anne Hathaway passed on the part. She’s also managed to convince you that she’s a sex symbol even though she looks like this and this. The only thing we have to determine now is if we should use Bengal or Siberian, because throwing this idiot in a pit of tigers seems to be the general consensus.