Britney Got Her Kids Back. Sorta.

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Britney Spears was the big winner yesterday as Commissioner Scott Gordon, the judge presiding over a hearing in her ongoing child custody case, greatly increased Britney’s visitation rights to three per week with weekly overnight visits to start within a month. Stating he was impressed with…oh, dear God help us. TMZ reports:

Sources close to the custody case tell TMZ Britney Spears will get three days supervised visitation a week, significantly more face time than she gets now. It is unclear whether she has overnights with the kids. A source close to the fam tells us Brit is aiming to get back 50/50 custody by August. We’ve also learned Britney will spend Mother’s Day with the kids.”

Pretending that the last two years never happened, everyone is surprisingly optimisitic:

New York Daily News reports:

We are so pleased with Britney’s progress, and we are very appreciative of the court’s recognition of this progress,” her parents said in a statement. Even Federline lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan had something nice to say: The longer visits are “recognition of progress that has been made,” Kaplan said. “It’s a cautious step, but a step nonetheless,” he added.”

Please keep in mind that the only reason any “progress has been made” is because Britney’s father took her cars and money away and had her on lock down like a prison riot. Britney is seemingly normal now because she really didn’t have much choice. Four months ago, Britney was in a padded room talking to demons and trying to get pregnant by her stalker, so it’s not like the bar was set real high. Britney could’ve spent the last two months in a coma and it would have been considered a step up.

Britney at Jamie Lynn’s baby shower this weekend: