Iron Man Killed This Weekend

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Iron Man raked in $100.7 million during it’s opening weekend, making it the second-highest opening for a non-sequel (Spider-Man) and the tenth-highest opening overall. Adding the $96.7 million it made in 57 other countries, the film made $210 million in 5 days. FOX News reports:

We could not have hoped for a better way for Marvel Studios to blast off,” said David Maisel, chairman of the unit, a division of Marvel Entertainment, which stands to pull in a greater share of box office receipts and merchandising money by financing movies itself…”Iron Man,” which won rave reviews from many critics, features Downey as billionaire arms designer Tony Stark, a boozy womanizer who builds a high-tech suit and becomes a superhero, mending his ways after he’s taken captive and sees firsthand the devastation his weapons cause.”

For a movie about a man whore who makes a metal suit then blows up terrorists, Iron Man kicked as much ass as you might expect. It’s a comic book movie though, so it’s probably not as good as the movie you saw this weekend, Mr. Smartypants. That documentary about the two paralyzed Wiccan lesbians who live in a tree house and teach socialism to squirrels is sure to make people think.

Iron Man Los Angeles premiere pictures:

Click here to see the rest of the pictures (including a totally unrecognizable Jennifer Grey).

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