Angelina Jolie Loved Heroin

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This may come as a real shock to some of you, but during the ’90s, Angelina Jolie used to be what leading psychiatrists would call, “batshit crazy.” She also experimented with drugs. I know, I know it’s hard to believe. Sit down, try to relax.

A source told US tabloid National Enquirer that the owner of the tape which shows a younger Jolie taking drugs with friends, is selling the footage for $74,000. “It appears to be from the 1990s, right before Angelina – then in her 20s – was breaking out in films like Gia and Girl, Interrupted, which won her an Oscar,” the source said. “She (Jolie) says, wow, this is really good smack – not that cheap crap that’s been stepped on.” Jolie is reportedly shown “sniffing white lines from a plate”, and sucking smoke through a tube.

The mother of four has been open about her drug abuse past saying she was not “immune” to drugs but would never use it now. “I’ve done coke, heroin, ecstasy, LSD everything. I hate heroin because I’ve been fascinated with it,” she said.”

Angelina has already publicly admitted on several occasions that she’s done every drug on the face of the earth, so I apologize to anyone who thought this would be some sort of scandal. In fact, this should be a valuable lesson for young women everywhere. It says, “Look at me world, I am a young, strong, independent woman. I won’t just snort anything through my nose. I won’t be influenced by today’s magazines to buy just any smack, I going to buy the smack that best fits my lifestyle and my budget. I’m gonna live my life on my terms!”