Britney Spears Misses You

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Nobody gives a damn about Britney Spears anymore (the paparazzi that used to stalk her are now stalking Miley Cyrus), so I wonder if there was something she could do to make people barely remember they used to care about her? Oh I know, how about walk out of a sauna at Bally Total Fitness in LA to get some water in only a towel in front of photographers? That should do it. Or Britney really, really hopes it does. Because tying her kids to the grill of her car and plowing down PCH would just take too long. And Britney doesn’t have that kinda time.

Be sure to check out Britney’s workout! A whole 52 seconds on the treadmill, how does she do it?!:

Update: Images removed per ALLEGED copyright holder’s request.