Paris Hilton is Jealous of Kim Kardashian

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Please keep in mind that Paris Hilton has herpes, a saggy eye, comically oversized feet, and looks like Big Bird if Big Bird had a bombed out vagina, so imagine what she would say if a radio station asked her if she would rather have Jessica Simpson’s rack or Kim Kardashian’s ass. Surprise! She said:

On Kim Kardashian’s ass:

“I would not want that, that’s gross. It’s disgusting.”…”It reminds me of cottage cheese inside of a big trash bag.”

On Jessica Simpson’s breasts:

“I like how mine are. I don’t like big boobs, I think they’re too… big.”

Man, I wonder what kind of frame Paris has for her magic mirror. It’s gorgeous, I bet.

Audio clip via Extra

Paris Hilton’s saggy, out of shape butt flaps:

Paris Hilton’s flat chest: