Britney Spears is an Excellent Driver, Part 3

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Britney Spears’ dad took her vehicles and driving privileges away when a judge agreed that Britney failed at life, so imagine what would happen if they let Britney drive again. If you guessed “three car accident,” congratulations! Reuters reports:

Britney Spears triggered a minor accident on a freeway in Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley on Saturday evening, but no one was injured and no tickets issued, a California Highway Patrol official said. The 26-year-old pop singer, whose career has been buried under an avalanche of personal and health problems, rear-ended a car in stop-and-go traffic after she failed to stop her Mercedes in time, said CHP Officer Patrick Kimball. The rear-ended car, driven by a man identified as “J. Flint,” in turn pushed forward into another car, the CHP collision report said. The driver of the third car observed no damage, and drove off, the CHP incident report said.”

TMZ says Britney was putting on makeup at the time of the accident, so yeah, Britney’s a moron. I swear, people in the state of California should be allowed to put ejection seats in their cars so whenever they see Britney Spears behind the wheel so they have the option of an alternate route.