Britney Spears Might Get a Reality Show

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Britney Spears’ bank account has been a broken dam the last two years, so to help solve that, her re-hired manager has been pitching a Britney Spears reality to show to every major network. The show will reportedly capture Brit’s day-to-day life, document her struggles to make a comeback, and make me kill myself. The National Enquirer reports:

She believes a reality show is a no-brainer. She can be herself and not have to study lines…Several production companies are interested in a Britney reality show and are willing to pay her millions.”…”Larry wants to get Britney back in the game and earning money.”

If this would have debuted about two years ago this would have been must-see-tv, but Britney is basically on house arrest now so good luck with all that. Thirty minutes of a bunch rednecks sitting around a mansion having turkey shoots and pig pickins might not be the pot of gold you have in mind.

Britney on lockdown a couple days ago:

Guest starring, the 16 year old knocked up sister: