Heidi Klum is Hot

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I saw this video on FARK today and couldn’t help but be reminded of Creepshow 2 when that thing in the lake sucked those teenagers off the raft and ate them. The runway showed this woman no mercy. I love how the bucketheads in the front row couldn’t even be bothered to lift their asses from their seats. They were probably bitter because she didn’t provide them with fancy enough gift bags, so she deserves it.

I tried to find pictures related to that video and the people in the video, and by “I tried” I mean “I didn’t try” because I just wanted another excuse to post these old Heidi Klum Arena magazine pictures again. Because she’s hot. And as I told you before, she’s in luff with me. She’s also a model and has a show called Project Runway, so ta-da! This post just came full circle. Ha! I said “came.”