Paris Hilton Wants a Cheetah

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While in Cape Town attending the “My Coke Fest” concert with Benji Madden, Paris Hilton stayed at the luxurious Mount Nelson Hotel and wowed hotel guests and staff with her level of retard. Gatecrasher says:

A hotel spy tells us: “Every time Paris saw something she liked, like a woman’s dress, she would ask how much it was. That included a cheetah she saw at an animal park. She asked how much it was and said, ‘If I bought a cheetah, would it run away from me or could I keep it?'”

Paris Hilton locks her dogs in closets and leaves them there for weeks until they die or until she bothers to remember they’re alive, so I think I’m gonna take a wild stab and say the cheetah would probably run away. And a cheetah on the loose in Beverly Hills would seem pretty scary, until you realize it’s gonna be the one wearing glitter and the pink doggy tennis skirt. Oohhh, check you out, Mr. Cheetah.

Paris Hilton hawking her ugly shit in Montreal this weekend: