Avril Lavigne is Really Stupid

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Avril Lavigne dropped out of school at 16. In related news, she’s a moron. Ninemsn reports:

Fans at Avril Lavigne’s Canadian homecoming were left stunned after the singer displayed an embarrassing lack of geographical knowledge. Lavigne, 23, shocked concertgoers at her Montreal show by incorrectly stating what province she was in. “I love you Montreal, I’m so happy to be back home…in Ontario, Canada,” Lavigne said to the crowd. Montreal is actually a city in Quebec.”

Avril Lavigne is notoriously dumb (read more about that here and here), but in case you missed the quote, please keep in mind that Avril Lavigne is from Canada. And this concert was in Canada. She wasn’t on stage in Guam, she was in the country listed on her birth certificate. And she still had no idea where she was. Here’s my impression of Avril Lavigne crossing the street in front of her house: “Oh my God! Where am I?!?! AHHHH!!!!”