Britney Spears is Less Fat

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Until they get the call that Britney has finally agreed to literally let them kiss her ass, OK! Magazine is reporting that Britney Spears has dropped 15 pounds in 4 weeks thanks to healthy diet and exercise despite being photographed practically every day for three years with some kind of high calorie food or drink in the frame.

Britney’s a pro at losing weight fast,” a Spears pal tells OK!. “She can drop seven to 10 pounds in two weeks.” Although now, in Britney’s case, it’s about adopting a longterm plan she can stick to. Sources say Brit has given up her old unhealthy weight loss habits, like popping laxatives and diet pills.”

Whatever. When Britney sleeps, all of her dreams involve Moon Pies and those ribs that Fred Flinstone got at the drive-thru, so remember to temper your enthusiasm if you’re a Britney fan. Britney might very well lose 15 more pounds, but please keep in mind that the chances of her entering a hot dog eating contest to tide her over for a while before dinner are pretty good, too.

Britney out shopping yesterday: