Beyonce and Jay-Z are Getting Married

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Despite rumors during their relationship that Jay-Z slapped Beyonce around with his fists and Rihanna around with his cock, Jay-Z has apparently convinced Beyonce to marry him in New York state sometime within the next 60 days. Uh, congratulations? New York Daily News says:

They’ve been crazy in love for five years – and now it looks like Beyonce and Jay-Z are finally ready to tie the knot. The music superstars have taken out a marriage license in Westchester’s Scarsdale Village, reported Tuesday. The pair reportedly got the license yesterday morning, which means the earliest they could get hitched is Wednesday. Otherwise, it’s good for 60 days anywhere in New York State.”

Beyonce really isn’t all that, but she looks like somebody genetically engineered Marisa Miller with a beam of God’s love whenever she stands next to that visual dry heave Jay-Z. Beyonce also has her own money, so it’s unclear why she’s going through with this. Unless Jay-Z is some kind of reverse Fiona, I’m gonna guess ether.

Images via Beyonce fansites