Jennifer Love Hewitt is Not Pregnant

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One time at a grocery store I asked a chick I hadn’t seen in a while when her baby was due. She wasn’t pregnant. The world is now doing the same thing to Jennifer Love Hewitt. People says:

Jennifer Love Hewitt can’t stop the whisperers. When she wore a bikini, she heard about her figure. And when she covered up – wearing flowing, baby doll styles while recently running errands and at last weekend’s Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards – she faced baby rumors. But the engaged Ghost Whisperer star isn’t keeping quiet. She fought back after the bikini pictures hit the Internet. And now her rep has issued a flat-out denial: “She is not pregnant.”

Jennifer Love Hewitt’s rep must hate her, because if she’s not pregnant, then either she’s constantly getting stung by bees or she’s just kinda fat. Not that it matters. She got some dude to marry her so she doesn’t have to be hot anymore. It’s true. That topic was covered pretty well in my Women’s Studies class.