Brooke Burke is Terrible

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Ten months seems like enough time to do pretty much anything. Except if you’re Brooke Burke and you have to think of a name for your newborn son. Then all bets are off I’m afraid. She tells People:

We’ve waiting our whole life for a son, and we haven’t named him. He did leave the hospital without the birth certificate. I know that’s terrible! We’re really, really close [to a name]. We’ve agreed on the first and the last, and we’re still fighting on the middle.”

Brooke Burke’s other kids are named Rain, Neriah, and Sierra, so I’m not holding out hope that she’ll somehow come up with the perfect name for her son. It’ll probably be something stupid like “Jet Pilot” or “Beethoven,” because that’s what celebrities do, but I’m more concerned about the engraving on her Lifetime Achievement in MILF trophy. I’m leaning towards calligraphy. That’s pretty fancy.

Jenny’s note: It was my choice to add that last candid shot of Brooke. I think she’s much cuter without all that makeup and fancy lighting.